The Wand of the Wild Ox

My intention behind this symbol was unfiltered manifestation. The shape of the arrow channels energy down and out, and reminds me of the shape and action of the uterus, bringing new life down and out of the body. I used naudhiz, ansuz, and uruz to provide fuel for the arrow, and birkanan, ingvaz and sowiloContinue reading “The Wand of the Wild Ox”

Tropaeolum majus

Study notes from my growing book on wortcunning. The medicinal and magickal uses of Tropaeolum majus, and an in-depth guide to growing Nasturtium flowers in container, or as a poly culture companion plant.

Ruta Graveolens

Although used throughout history as a “cure-all”, the Rue herb has gained a reputation as being toxic, and has fallen out of favor. As always, the toxin is in the dose, and the adecuade knowledge can save us from the risk of overdose.


The most important aspect of this is being able to enter a gnostic state of mind. While obviously something which happens spontaneously, I have been driven to cultivate channelling… So I had to learn how to separate expectation and prejudice, from intuition and gnosis. And I’m still learning. Like most personal growth, the “learning curveContinue reading “Channelling”