The Hive

This is a symbol I cooked up during my ritual to cleanse my community of unwanted aspects and create unity and mutual growth.

The runes of Ehwaz, Birkana, Ingvaz, Sowilo and Elhaz provide a sort of composite being – a being made up of the success and realisation of it’s individual cells (like a hive or human body), and the two naudhiz runes symbolise the attraction and excretion of necessary aspects.

the hive

The ehwaz rune can be replaced with mannaz if you want to focus on human relationships, but I wanted this to be rooted in a symbiotic relationship between the community and the eco-system which supports it.

In my opinion, there is a draw order:







Published by Sammyra Nyx

My personal quest is to revive the power of the collective sub-conscious! The old gods still live in our spirits, and our powers are begging to be woken!

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