Thinking 5th Dimensionally

5th dimensional perspective melts away feelings of victomhood, prejudice, nationalism, narcissism, consumerism… even fear of death. From the 5D perspective it is understood that the story is not about “me”, but rather “us” – an infinite “we” of heroes long dead and tricksters not yet born. Having glimpsed the aetheric dimensions is to understand that there are greater powers and possibilities than those presented by the self-mind.

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Counting Dimensions

If we imagine time to be the 4th dimension, then our 4th dimensional self is like a line compared to the three dimensional dot self.

Only it’s not a line in the 3D sense… it’s affected by quantum entanglement and warps in space time and all kinds of things which the 3D mind has a hard time putting words onto.

Similar to how quantum mechanics has taught us that light is expressed simultaneously as a particle and a wave… the imagery is apt to describe the self from the 4th dimensional point of view.

(4D light is almost… infinite… more a cloth or a medium than a wave but trying to grasp 4D light is an aetheric time travel adventure in it’s own right)

I would argue that in order to be able to understand our 4D selves, we have to go beyond constructs of self and perceive 5th dimensionally.

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Shifting Perspective

What do I mean by 5D?

I understand the 5th dimension to be the perspective that takes all the other particle/line/wave people/consciousnesses into account.

Interconnectedness is the nature of the 5th dimension, as time and movement is the 4th, and physical proportion are the first three.

The 4D self is a projection of the 3D self along the infinitely malleable time axis, but because of something similar to quantum entanglement, the moments at which we interact with others are the moments when our wave stabilises, and can be “measured” so to speak… all our potential interactions create multi-layered realities or multi-verses on the 5th (and maybe 6th? I guess 3D numbers don’t really apply) dimension…

Following this assumption, the aether can be classified not as a “place”, but as a dimension in which consciousness of the interconnectedness of all things becomes possible.

Within these aetheric dimensions, all options – past, present, and future – are mapped out and interchangeable (perhaps not personally so… or that is to say, the amount of energy it would take for a 3D perspective to move along the 5D axis is so much that it can be regarded as implausible at the very least… but there are moments at which we align with our 4D or even 5D selves, and inexplicable things become a bit less implausible…)

I even believe that through the aetheric dimensions we have connections to all the multi-verse – be it single celled, mineral, or completely alien to us in nature. The reason most people have a hard time accessing these aspects of the aether is because any experience our 5D selves have will eventually be filtered through the personal mind, which is notoriously effective at ignoring what it cannot explain based on frameworks of the past.

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Practical Implications

The task of the individual mind is to filter. While submerged in the aetheric dimensions, we do not necessarily “exist” in any one moment of space-time. Or rather, we exist in so many, simultaneously that it would require vast amounts of energy to move all of those points at once (and yet independently).

The self-mind is what allows us to identify with a moment, draw energy from that present, and act in that time-space.

In 5D we are part of the same cloth as our god-forms, and the supernovae in which our elements were formed are distanced from us only by space-time.

We do not exist in isolation, and every act we take has consequences for others.

Even acts of magick will need less energy when one finds a place of least resistance along the web of interconnectedness… only by observation and understanding of existence beyond our self can we truly manipulate our wyrd to the fullest of our personal capacities. Thinking 5th Dimensionally - Shifting Perspectives

Do you have personal experience with disassociation or astral travel? I would be very interested to hear if you think this theory could apply to those experiences or not.

Shared discussion is so much more productive than personal gnosis in terms of collective evolution!

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Further Reading & External Links

pdf – Thinking 4th Dimensionally by Neville Goddard

pdf – The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley

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My personal quest is to revive the power of the collective sub-conscious! The old gods still live in our spirits, and our powers are begging to be woken!

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