The most important aspect of this is being able to enter a gnostic state of mind.channeling-cover

While obviously something which happens spontaneously, I have been driven to cultivate channelling… So I had to learn how to separate expectation and prejudice, from intuition and gnosis.

And I’m still learning. Like most personal growth, the “learning curve is steep”… That is to say, things become more and more subtle, and misalignment becomes harder to identify the more aligned we become… at least while it’s being grown into…

I don’t know. One of my favourite quotes about God is that for everything we think God is, God is also the opposite, and the unimaginable.

To me, magick is just as much part of God as the wind, and the rain is, and the life fire…

Channelling is just connecting with all of that…

Learning to Listen.

This means taking regular time to cut out distractions from a portion of our lives.

To cultivate mindful thought patterns, and be able to achieve moments of silence inside our minds, or to at least be able to distinguish the sources of our thoughts, and be familiar with the concept of the “silent watcher” as being different from verbal or visual thoughts.

Visualisation and thought can be trained to “clairvoyance” and “claircognizance”, but can also be blinded by imagination and conditioning.

If I judge what I channel, I lose my ability to receive clearly…

Doubt also reduces the effectiveness of my capacity to channel anything, which is why it has helped me to use meditation and mindfulness to investigate my thought patterns, and learn to recognise the different vibrations of the things which go through my mind.

Fear of death, and a clinging ego can be a huge barrier to channeling. Being afraid to dissolve with the aether is to reject a certain vibration.

By Lucas Piero

Some chaos magicians have speculated that the more we forget what we have channelled, the more it has entered through our subconscious, and the more magickal the information is.

This is why I find it so important to have a creative or expressive medium to channel through.

I guess that’s also why it’s referred to as channelling, as opposed to contemplation.

That it comes out as soon as it comes in.

This also makes judgement more difficult, and helps to avoid blocking information unnecessarily.

Even if I don’t remember in the moment I try to recall what I have channelled, if I have experienced it, I believe that my subconscious has registered it, or is processing and I will understand when I need the information.

Creative Ways to Focus Channelling:

  • Getting a notebook, and writing without stopping to think may work for some
  • Dancing free form and feeling the intuitive rhythms in a silent room may work better for others, maybe even until reaching exhaustion and collapsing into a gnostic state
  • If we feel compelled to vocalise what we are experiencing, it might help to have a tape recorder running before hand, or to have someone else present.
  • Playing with paint while in a gnostic state can also be a great form of channelling, as long as no conscious effort is made to give shape to the result… unless, it could be argued, that one feels somehow compelled to do so…

Sharing what we channel is the only way we can find validity beyond personal application.

If we intend to make dogma for no one but ourselves, this is only a personal problem, but if what we say does not vibrate with others, we cannot assume it represents a truth to them.

Not to rule out that people reject what they fear, and that change is often perceived as being uncomfortable…

Anything I have channelled, I have taken as personal truth, and I have expressed it as such, and I have been fully willing to hear any counter arguments which the world has presented me with…

Sometimes there was another side to be seen, and my view was admitted to be lacking in perspective,

and sometimes I have been intuitive towards things which maybe not everyone vibrates with, but is held to be true in the personal gnosis of many individuals.

In any case, there is nothing I can do except vibrate as I do, and be eternally grateful whenever I meet someone who has learned to contemplate.

The nature of the universe is beyond the grasp of any one of us. Only when more of us learn to look for ourselves, can we begin to see a fuller picture.




I would love to hear about your experiences with remote viewing or psychic abilities!

The more we talk about it, the more we help to bring channelling out of the arena of taboo pseudo-science and into the realm of human potential!

Published by Sammyra Nyx

My personal quest is to revive the power of the collective sub-conscious! The old gods still live in our spirits, and our powers are begging to be woken!

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