Entering a Gnostic State of Mind

Our personal vibration is essential in the quality of our divinations, the information we channel, and our power of manifestation.gnosis-cover

When our minds are repeating useless thoughts, or our focus is split, this can severely take away from our magickal abilities.

Learning how to recognise when our vibration is out of line with our magickal capacity can be as easy as putting ourselves into altered states of consciousness on a regular basis.

The monkey mind is all too happy sinking in to lazy routines and feel good habits, but if there is something inside you which longs to shake things up a bit, there are lots of natural opportunities to better ourselves which can be recreated at will.

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Altered States of Consciousness

  1. Connection to Non Human Consciousness
  2. Entheogens – Mind Altering Drugs
  3. Sex Magick
  4. Pain Resistance
  5. Child Birth
  6. Self Deprivation
  7. Exhaustion
  8. Dance
  9. Breathing Techniques
  10. Drumming
  11. Forgetting


Altered States of Consciousness

Ritualistic ecstasy and the concept of reaching Gnosis are based in attempts to recreate certain natural states we experience during the course of our lives, such as:

  • sexual orgasm,
  • the consuming of plants which alter states of consciousness,
  • extreme pain,
  • close to death experience,
  • child birth,
  • self deprivation and sacrifice (such as sleep deprivation or fasting),
  • and/or other exhaustive physical activity.

These changes in vibration allow us to sense reality beyond our ego-filters, and allow intent to guide our “astral travels” uninhibited.

Once gnosis has been entered “naturally” it is easier to align ourselves to certain frequencies under less pressing circumstances.

But, as with most things in life, the more we practice, the easier it becomes.

This is why many initiation rituals include things like going into the forest with no supplies, or ritualistic sex. We must accustom ourselves to how it feels to perceive with less filters, so that we can recognize this state (or when it is lacking).

The use of certain techniques may make it easier to achieve this change in consciousness, and every person has their own strengths and weaknesses, and may therefore find assistance in different methods of achieving a gnostic state of mind.

We may also all feel moments of disconnect which are so powerful that merely meditating is not enough to align ourselves.


Connection to Non-Human Consciousness

Connecting to consciousness beyond the illusions of “self” is the method which requires little more than presence in the now.

Through regular practices which connect us to the world beyond ourselves or encourage listening, we can change our personal vibration and state of consciousness.

Contemplation, meditation, prayer, giving offerings and creating altars are all examples of how we can connect to the web of consciousness beyond our selves.

The natural world is also filled with mind-altering plants and mushrooms. I personally believe that when we consume them, we are allowing ourselves to merge with a consciousness other than our own.

Some of the compounds in these plants and mushrooms are shown to unlock the potential of the human brain, or to stimulate our capacity to explore the world through our senses.

It is beyond doubt that humans have altered their consciousness in this way in preparation for rituals and divination throughout history.

There are even many people who believe that human evolution as we know it would not have been possible without the intervention of these non-human entities.

Entheogens – Mind-Altering Drugs

In my opinion, every natural substance affects us not only chemically, but energetically (see non-human consciousness).

However, there are many substances which alter our state of being and which many people do not consider to be psychoactive substances. Caffeine, sugar, tobacco, and even alcohol can all be used for their altering effects.

Each person has their own base-line vibration, and will be affected in a unique way by every drug, and only through personal experience can we decided what takes us to where we want to be in terms of vibration and consciousness (this may also change from moment to moment, as our vibration is not fixed).

Small changes in dose can also make the difference between taking us to a functional or non-functional state in terms of our magickal ability.

Sex Magick

Practising sex without having orgasm as the goal can be a liberating experience, and can even have a profound effect on consciousness.

For people who produce sperm as a result of their orgasm, learning to retain this fluid is an important part of sex magick.

Learning how to orgasm without cumming, is, to some, a powerful tool for retaining vitality even as one ages, and allows for multiple orgasms.

Using sex as a method of connecting to other people, instead of an ego-driven race for personal pleasure, can most definitely change our vibration from mundane to magickal.

Another technique associated with sex magick is the idea of the plateau – to reach a pinnacle of pleasure with another person without reaching orgasm, and being able to continue on to another level of pleasure.

These techniques require that there is a deep connection between the people having sex, and helps us to realise the true sacred nature of sexual intercourse.

Masturbation is the flip side of the coin, and there are those who teach to combine the two techniques, and to reach orgasm as the personal pleasure it is, without having to parasite another person to get there.

I have read numerous first hand accounts of people who have practised sex without orgasm, and then brought themselves to this pleasure, and who have had gnostic experiences as a result.

Orgasm is known as the “little death” in the French language, and is believed by many people to provide a relief from ego-centric patterns of thought. This ego-death offers a window into the collective sub-conscious, and a clearer connection to the web of interconnectedness of all things.

Pain Resistance

Through a process of disassociation, extreme levels of pain can also cause altered-states of consciousness.

It is becoming increasingly popular for people to inflict pain on themselves as a method for achieving altered states of consciousness (1, 2)

Even without searching for or creating the source of pain, the process of holding out when we naturally experience pain is one which can provide not only great personal strength, but has the capacity to alter our vibration from ego-centric, to a more expansive consciousness.

I do believe, however, that there is an aspect of punishment which should be examined on an individual basis when it comes to determining if the idea of searching out painful experiences is a detriment to personal alignment. Anyone with a history of self-harm may wish to evaluate the level to which this type of spiritual practice is necessary, and to what degree it could put them in a situation of relapse.

Child Birth

Similar to the idea of resisting pain without the help of pain killers, is the idea of living the experience of child birth without medical intervention.

For thousands of years, humans gave birth without the need for pain killers. Not only does this increase personal strength, and thereby alter vibration, but the body’s natural response to the birthing process is a cascade of natural drugs which serve to alter the state of mind of the person going through the process.

As someone who has personally given birth alone in the dark, I can attest to not only the potency of the body’s natural drugs, but also to the empowering force of connecting with one’s body in this way. Giving birth in this natural manner has most definitely changed my personal vibration, and given me strength, not only during, but years after the experience.

Self Deprivation

When we sacrifice our animal needs to momentarily overcome what our bodies are dependant on, we naturally enter an altered state of consciousness.

While fasting used to be a natural occurrence because of scarcity of food, there are many cultures which use the technique of wilfully going without food to commune with their gods, or to enter into a more mystic state.

Going without sleep can also aid in shutting down the ego-mind and expanding consciousness, but is not a technique I would recommend on a regular basis.

These methods are extreme, and work precisely because they shut down some of the natural functions of the body.


Some people take to forcing exhaustion on themselves, through different processes such as a mixture of hyperventilating and holding their breath, or spinning around in circles.

These techniques may seem extreme to some, but often lead to fast results, and can be done anywhere and without any necessary equipment.


While dance can lead to altered states of consciousness through inducing exhaustion, there is another reason why we can rely on dance to change our vibration.

If we surrender the movement of our bodies to intuition, rather than trying to repeat a choreographed set of moves, we can connect to sub-conscious consciousness and beyond.

There are many who believe that when we let ourselves be driven by non-rational instinct, that we are closer to the level of consciousness associated with god, or magick.

To let the body move in a way which feels good, without regard for how we may look is also a freeing experience, and can offer a much needed change of vibration for many people.

Manifesting pure intuition in the form of letting ourselves be swept away in a spontaneous dance can also align us with magickal states of being.

Breathing Techniques

In many languages, the word for breath is the same as that for life, or spirit. We are innately aware of the power and necessity of breath, and yet it is something that escapes conscious thought for most people.

There are countless breathing techniques meant to alter consciousness, and incorporating any one of them into our lives can also make us more mindful in a general sense. (1, 2, 3)


Traditional techniques for entering into a trance-like state include repetitive chanting or drum beats.

The idea that repetition occupies the ego-mind and allows us to connect with deeper levels of consciousness is an old one.

Modern research suggests that the concept of a drum circle may have marked effects on health and consciousness. (1)

Chanting, apart from the mental occupation provided by repetition, may also serve to bring us to altered state of consciousness because of the vibrations it implies. If energy and vibration are at the root of manifestation, then creating vibrations through music may serve to align us with different levels of consciousness, and may even override some of the body’s functions, such as those associated with healing. (2, 3)


When associated with channelling information and gnostic consciousness, there are those who believe that the less mental energy we give to something, the more we allow our sub-conscious to process the information.

Those who believe that we are interconnected on a sub-conscious level, or that the sub-conscious is the seat of personal power, would argue that processing information on this level has more benefits than thinking about something.

In a world which puts so much emphasis on logical reasoning, the idea of wilfully forgetting, or sub-conscious processing, is most definitely a change from base-line vibration for many people


Do you know of any techniques to alter personal vibration which I didn’t go in to here?

Community discussions are the foundation of evolving the beliefs which have held us back collectively for so long!


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My personal quest is to revive the power of the collective sub-conscious! The old gods still live in our spirits, and our powers are begging to be woken!

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