Extra Sensory Perception

The brain appears to be the gathering point for electrical currents which flow through and around our bodies.ESP-cover

Just as a physical injury to the brain can cause a loss of sight without damaging the eyes, so too can psychological damage cause a lack of perception throughout the senses.

In my opinion, there is no greater psychological damage than repression.

When we are born, we rely almost entirely on what is commonly called extra sensory perception.

The physical senses are underdeveloped, and understandably so: the physical senses are quite useless inside the womb. But empathy is not! The sharing of emotional information is essential to understanding the world inside mama.

Once we pass through the portal of manifestation, the physical senses develop in earnest, but our “first sense” doesn’t fade on it’s own. Most people in this day and age are born into families which in no way acknowledge the human capacity to percieve the world beyond their five physical senses.

Just as we have parts of our brain dedicated to the physical senses, so too, I am sure do we have parts of us specified in recieving and interpreting our “sixth” (or seventh or eighth…) sense.

Here is where the power of belief comes into play.

When we are told, especially within the first (about) six years of our life, that we must have “heard it on the tv somewhere” or “must be making it up”, this type of affirmation can make us not only loose confidence in our perceptions, but can cause us to create synaptic connections between things that were not originally liked.

Take, for example, the common occurrence that your mother doesn’t believe you when you say you have channelled information about the neighbour, even if it turns out to be a correct reflection of his thoughts/actions. “You must have overheard him taking through the walls”.

At an impressionable age and coming from an authoritative source, this kind of disbelief can be devastating.

Our neural net begins to change, creating a bridge which, with time, will relate all channelled information to another source than the one it actually came from.

I believe that this is why some people are clairaudient, while others are clairsentient (and so on). It is possible to confuse extra sensory perceptions as having originated from any of the physical senses, and if we were told enough times that we are just “making it up”, we are likely to associate our channelled information as something our mind has pulled out of imagination land (which can make it very difficult to distinguish between fear and intuition, for example).

There are a great number of exercises we can do to reconnect with our extra sensory perceptions, and with time and inspiration I hope to include quite a few of them on this blog!

A short and in no way complete list would include

  • incorporating divination into our daily lives,
  • living some time blindfolded,
  • doing everything our intuition tells us even if we are afraid,
  • and just spending good amounts of regular time meditating!


How Repression Clouds Our Senses: Extra Sensory Perception



Want to share your beliefs about extra sensory perception?

The communal debate is what helps personal gnosis grow into part of the mythos of a tomorrow of our creation.

Published by Sammyra Nyx

My personal quest is to revive the power of the collective sub-conscious! The old gods still live in our spirits, and our powers are begging to be woken!

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