Unbinding of an Elementalist

Planning for New Cycles

Wheel calendar for dates between winter solstice 2019 – 2020.

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Connecting with Ourselves

Unlocking potentials through processes of personal mythwork and development.

What is a Cosmic Elementalist?

With so much cultural baggage associated with studies of the occult, I believe times are ripe to define new terms and create new traditions

Thus, in my eyes, anyone who strives to learn more about the world around them, and use that knowledge to manifest their dreams, can be known as a “cosmic elementalist”


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Healing Herbs

Tips and information for growing and using various herbs, fruits, and roots.


Studying and creating non verbal symbols imbued with occult meaning.

Ritual Routines

Calendars, time keeping, and inspiration for daily worship.

Changing Consciousness

Theory about, and techniques for, reaching gnostic states of altered consciousness.

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